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Commission: Red at the Bridge by Jebriodo

The Good: > Excellent composition. While the character Red is drawn off-center, she is still the focus of the piece. The darker-skinned...



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I would have written "lucky to be alive" but that might be just a bit melodramatic.  On the other hand, I did walk away from a pretty scary wreck on I80 this past Sunday with nothing more than a sore wrist and a couple of minor scratches on my hand.  Long story short, a trucker dragging two trailers decided to make a risky maneuver and clipped my car, sending it careening out of control.  He went on his merry way (as far as I can tell, he never even slowed down) and I ended up with a car with its front end so buried in a guardrail that the truck trying to winch it out was being dragged towards the car instead of the other way around.  The car looks like a loss and some of the stuff I was carrying is chipped or broken, but I was glad to have walked away from what could've been a fatal crash.

In any case, I'm at my Ohio home until next Sunday.  We have been furnishing it this week and have spent a good number of hours assembling and carrying and sorting and so on, and by the middle of next week I think we'll have the place furnished and looking like an honest-to-goodness home.  I will be moving there permanently in July and leaving New York behind.  The home office is still a bit bare, as it has only a computer desk (assembled earlier today) and one of my drawing tables.  I will have lots of other things to bring over before I make the final move, including my scanner and other drawing table.  Once that's all done I'll be drawing full time for at least a year (and, if things work out, much longer than that).  But that's a story for later this year.

I should be back to drawing my practice pages tomorrow or the following day.  I cannot post them until I get back to New York (no scanner here yet) but I can do the layouts and even final inks if I am so inclined.  Even with the accident and the additional costs that I will incur as a result, we've had a great time so far and I feel more and more excited about what this year will bring.
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Soviet Superwoman vs Schadenfreude, page 8 by Tonuss
Soviet Superwoman vs Schadenfreude, page 8
I admit I am getting a bit lazy with the art on this one and forgetting details (SSW's logo, the blood on her face, etc).  But I think I got what I wanted out of these pages, which is to get comfortable with using Illustrator to create the panels and lettering.  I still have some things to learn about it, but I can letter a page pretty quickly now.  This might be the last of the series, though I still had a few more pages in mind.  This is the end result, though, with SSW winning her battle.  The next few pages would have been her realization that she's really much stronger than even her strongest foes; it's only her compassion and discipline that keep her from being as dangerous as her enemies.  I've always found this to be the essence of the Superman-type of hero-- his primary struggle is with the nature of being godlike, not with the machinations of some pathetically weak would-be world conqueror.

But acknowledging that might not make for great suspense in future issues. :)

The characters are, as ever, the property of the wordsmith :iconsoviet-superwoman:, who is busy setting worlds ablaze with her imagination.  Go and join her on her latest adventures!
Interlude: the cutting room floor by Tonuss
Interlude: the cutting room floor
NOTE: This page may not make sense if you don't read the description!

First, I know the next page is a bit late.  Although work has been busy, the real reason is that I stopped to play Diablo III for a week or so.  Gonna have to mind the video games once I'm doing this stuff full-time.  The next page should be along soon, though work will be much busier this coming week.  It'll be worth the wait, I promise.

This is the page that was initially going to replace page 2.  I scrapped it for a couple of reasons.  One, it would have presented two similar page layouts to start with and two full front shots of the main villain.  That's poor storytelling technique IMO.  Second, it made for bad page composition and word-balloon placement; the heavy black areas are all on the left and bottom of the second panel, and the text would have been scrunched in the upper-right corner, which would have been awkward.  The other option was to cover some of the art with the word balloons, but that would make it more confusing.  And neither option would work will with the long vertical panel to the right.  Forcing the reader's eyes through a page in a non-standard pattern breaks the immersion and is a major problem even with many professional comics.  Anything that pulls the reader out of the story will make them enjoy the story less.

That said, the poses were pretty good and the proportions were alright (Schadenfreude's arms are out-of-proportion but it's not easy to notice at a glance).  When the text flows properly even art that isn't perfect will suffice, but a poorly-laid out page like this one either forces the reader away from the art or gives them the time to look at it more closely than they would otherwise.  Bad balloon and caption placement hurt your work!

As for the text of the conversation, it's just whatever I happened to write down as I laid out the word balloons.  Why was I subconsciously thinking of donuts?  Well, it's early morning and I'm a bit hungry...

A few other notes:

- Since it's in color, you can see the non-photo blue borders.  This is actually drawn on a photocopied Blue Line Pro comic sheet, which I reduced to quarter-size.  I put two of them side-by-side on a standard 8.5 x 11 inch sheet so that I can use them for layouts.  But I'm actually kind of liking working this small.  I bought a 100-pack of BLP's print-sized sheets, which are 8.5 x 14 with the lines set at actual print dimensions.  I was thinking of using them for secondary comic book stories, but they may become my paper of choice in the future.  We'll see.

- You might be able to notice that some of my inking falls outside of the panel borders, and that the panel borders are not very sharp.  When I finish the page in Adobe Illustrator, I create a "panel mask" that is like a sheet of paper with the panels cut out of it.  That way, any stray ink marks are covered, and the panels are nice and straight and uniform.  In some cases I don't draw the panels in at all, or I ink them slightly larger than the final size.  Digital finishing of comic book pages has really changed the way I work.

- The word balloons have a transparent fill for this page, which I added just in case there was any overlapping.  Normally I set up my page with the artwork at the bottom, the word balloons above them, the lettering layer above that, and the panel layer at the top.  This way I don't need to modify the word balloons to avoid the panel edges (see panel two above).  The panel mask covers that, as well.
Soviet Superwoman vs Schadenfreude, page 7 by Tonuss
Soviet Superwoman vs Schadenfreude, page 7
There are a few things I'd change here after seeing it finished.  I'd make the lines above SF's head thinner and more uniform, and put more debris in the background.  But a few things worked out better than I thought, including the shading (though it could have used more contrast).

Still a few pages to go, and who doesn't want to see Schadenfreude topless?

Characters belong to the wordsmith :iconsoviet-superwoman:, who doubtless battles much tougher enemies in her day-to-day life.
Soviet Superwoman vs Schadenfreude, page 6 by Tonuss
Soviet Superwoman vs Schadenfreude, page 6
Wait for it...

The Soviet Superwoman and Schadenfreude are :iconsoviet-superwoman:'s characters.
'Maia' is a reference to Walkyria, who is :iconteri-minx:'s character.
Soviet Superwoman vs Schadenfreude, page 5 by Tonuss
Soviet Superwoman vs Schadenfreude, page 5
I took a bunch of shortcuts on the artwork and shading to focus on the narrative and a few different effect 'tricks' such as turning the line-art negative in some parts instead of trying to add highlights.  I must stress that this story is not canon, and therefore I don't know enough about Shadenfreude's past to say that she suffered any sort of humiliation, it's just a story device to push the scene along the path I want.  But I figure most bullies on her level have some pretty ugly skeletons in the closet (apart from the literal ones!) and SSW managed to trigger a bad memory.  And so we get DRAMA!  Yay!

Anyway, we're about two pages away from the big pay-off, so hang in there.  The characters are the property of the esteemed :iconsoviet-superwoman:




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